3D Modeling

In digital fabrication, it is vital to have a properly-built 3D Model.  Because of this, our team of computational designers is always creating and optimizing digital models. Either you decide to use one of our ready-made models (or deviate the shape of one of them), either you bring us your own sketches or unfinished models and we can help transform them into objects suitable for fabrication using digital tools.

Our Mission

The i{n}stance philosophy is dependent on digital research and optimization. At the core of each of our prototypes is a precise digital strategy, pushing the boundaries of computational design and digital fabrication.

Our continuous process of experimenting and bringing perfected models from digital into physical leads to a variety of already-designed prototypes to choose from. Each prototype is generated in an algorithmic manner, using parametric tools. The prototypes are part of various collections, depending on the algorithm used. By using mass-customization strategies, we are able to digitally fabricate in series unique products.

All of our displayed models are ready-to-print.

Bring your own Ideas

At i{n}stance we also encourage you to bring ideas or sketches with what you’d like to have modelled. This way, we make sure that we offer our clients the possibility to bring to life their own ideas.

Also, we can optimize or re-model existing digital models, which are unfinished or not printable. In this way, our approach gains an educational value, since we believe that by combining the right modeling with the fabrication specifications, any prototype can be materialized trough digital fabrication technologies.

We offer various types of prototyping, and strive to create a network of designers, customers and producers through the nature of our work.


The designers at i{n}stance have created models which can easily be transformed, by approaching the design in an algorithmic manner.

We invite you to visit our collections and choose a prototype to derive from, creating an unique, individualized product, design and fabricated especially for you.



We offer 3d modelling services at a flat rate of 15 euro/hour.

Get in touch with us in order to evaluate your project.



If you are interested in prototyping with i{n}stance and either have a model to fabricate or would like to purchase one of our existing ones, or if you want additional information, our team is waiting for your queries. 


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