Customized Services

i{n}stance is all about creating unique products, using digital technology. Our range of services varies in order to ensure that we offer our clients the possibility to fabricate and customize their models. We challenge the traditional approach, inspired by old-school mannerism in which people went to a specialist in order to create something unique for themselves, by implementing the same logic into computational design, aiding the production of series of different objects.

3D Printing

Our team at i{n}stance works with various materials and types of printers. From using resin and stereolithography, to plastic and basic extrusion, we like to investigate and optimize all manners of 3D printing. You can customize each of your prints not only as a geometry, but also by playing with the large range of materials and techniques available.

3D Modeling

The importance of the digital model is crucial. i{n}stance strives to always use, develop and augment the latest digital trends, and use computational optimization strategies, both in printing and in modeling, in order to create foolproof prototypes. While our team can offer ready-made models, which can be sucombed to customization, you can also bring your own models or sketches which we can help you implement.

Metal Casting

Combining traditional crafting approaches with state-of-the-art techniques, i{n}stance goes from 3D printing to precious metal casting. By optimizing the shapes and allowing the creation of castable elements, it combines the digital environment with the traditional methods of jewelery making using noble materials such as silver, gold, platinum or brass.



If you are interested in prototyping with i{n}stance and either have a model to fabricate or would like to purchase one of our existing ones, or if you want additional information, our team is waiting for your queries.


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