Who we are

i{n}stance offers the possibility of individuality in an era of unity. It aids all, regardless of software knowledge, to create unique objects, using algorithmic tools and digital fabrication. Discover our philosophy and our team of computational designers, all coming together in order to help you bring your ideas to life, through algorithm-based methods.


What we do 

i{n}stance gives you the opportunity to either purchase a ready-made objects from the range of existing designs in our various collections, either customize and develop your own, unique product. You can either bring us your sketches or personalize products from the i{n}stance collections.


 How we do it 

The team of digital researchers behind i{n}stance is always finding new means of pushing the limits of technology and software. The studio is highly focusing its efforts towards new and innovative means of generating and producing jewelry, from the materials used to the fabrication techniques which it mixes, blending traditional and experimental craftsmanship. Have a look at what type of technology we are mixing and discover how we play with established methods.


Our story begins with a love for crafting digital objects.

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