Our Story 

We invite you to discover the i{n}stance ideology and find out how you can become a part of our manifesto. Discover our story and join us in creating unique products, which blend traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.  An “Instance” stands for the particular, the {n} th element in a sea of multiple possibilities, a specific occurrence which was deliberately chosen. Applying this logic into computational design, i{n}stance is a brand which aims to aid each create unique, individual products, by using digital fabrication.

Focusing on jewelry design, i{n}stance stands for its primordial sense: creating a code which can offer unlimited manners of deviating the form of an object, and creating a user-friendly manner in order to offer the possibility of choosing on certain variation – therefore, deciding on one particular instance. The Instance always occurs in a series, being the archetypal specimen – however, this “ideal” choice is a subjective one, and represents individual uniqueness.

Our Craft

The process is an innovative one, in which boundaries between traditional crafting and digital strategies are blurred, and where designer and customer come together – while the designer offers the series, it is up to the customer to decide and manipulate a particular “instance”.

This is inspired by pre-industrialization crafting, which required a person to contract a craftsman and design together what the client needed – from the original idea of the client, together with the ideas, skills and technology of the crafter, something original was born.

We aim to bring this traditional approach into the 21st century and into the era of digitalization. i{n}stance implements traditional techniques and materials, such as casting or the use of silver, gold or platinum, in order to offer established premises for jewelry design, twisting the idea with algorithm based design.

Digital Process

The true beauty of the approach lies in the computational coding and digital fabrication. Using various methods of computational generation, different shapes are generated, and permit the use of one or multiple materials. From all this, it is dictated which type of technology will be used.

Either 3D printing, laser cutting or robot milling are used, in order to transform the 3D model into a physical prototype.

The digital experimenting branches into our collections, which we design and sell as they are, or into our customizable line, in which we permit the clients of i{n}stance to deviate from existing design.

Mass Customization

i{n}stance’s algorithm based methodology is a manifesto for mass-customization, standing for the thrive of individual idealism. In a repetitive series, each “glitch” can become a unique product, customized in a rapid and effective manner.

Existing models are built in a manner that permits one to shift, turn, disturb, invert, scramble or reassemble a series of existing elements, in order to derive from existing to new. In this manner, everyone becomes the designer of their own prototype.

The particular i{n}stance can therefore be the shape of the model, the material used, the fabrication technique, the color, all in a reachable range of possibilities.

The i{n}stance development has been fueled by a project cofunded by the European Union. 

Read more about the CUSTOMCRAFT project


If you are interested in prototyping with i{n}stance and either have a model to fabricate or would like to purchase one of our existing ones, or if you want additional information, our team is waiting for your queries. 


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