Metal Casting

Metal Casting 

i{n}stance offers state of the art casting services. Using the latest machinery in vacuum casting our services deliver each time a consistent result with a very smooth surface of the metal object. By using the latest technology our casting works for even the most intricate patterns, obtaining filigree-level of details.

Due to the effect of the vacuum, the result is a also a dense, resistant and well compacted casting, for very complex models and fine details.


For the casting services we can use 3d printed pieces or a clients own wax or mould parts. Each of the models is carefully placed on a spuing tree to ensure propper feeding of the metal in the casting process. The tree is invested in gypsum and placed in an oven for calcination. The process will leave a negative mould of the 3d printed part.


Starting from the sprued trees, we begin the casting process by investment casting. We use special investment powders designed for 3dprinted resins that assure a clean burnout and dimensional accuracy.

In order to achieve the best results the investment is mixed and poured in a vacuumed environment and the flask is vibrated to ensure an air free investment.

Metal Casting

The final stage of this process implies taking the gypsum mould and casting the metal. For this we use a state of the art casting machine that automates the process and is able to cast various types of metal, including brass, silver, gold, platinum or steel.

The cast piese is then processed, cleand of any investment and finished according to the clients needs.


Prices are calculated for every object based on material.

All prices are in euro and do not include VAT.

Preparing model and post processing 1.8 euro/piece
3.6 euro/order (2-5 pieces)
Casting 4 euro/gram of silver without the silver material
4.9 euro/gram of silver including the silver 925 material
Express casting (2 working days turnout) 15 euro/order
Minimum order 10 grams of silver
Turnout time 5-7 working days
* For orders lower than minimum a express casting tax will be charged
* We offer a 10% discount on services for people who have attended one of our courses, excluding the price of casted material
* We offer a 20% discount on services for orders between 20-50 grams, excluding the price of casted material
* We offer a 30% discount on services for orders between 50-100 grams, excluding the price of casted material
* We offer a 40% discount on services for orders above 100 grams, excluding the price of casted material



If you are interested in prototyping with i{n}stance and either have a model to fabricate or would like to purchase one of our existing ones, or if you want additional information, our team is waiting for your queries.  


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