Our media partners at Zeppelin have recently published the outcoming workshop our team is sustaing in our new headquarters, located on Strada Icoanei, no 83, Bucharest. Zeppelin is an architecture and urban culture magazine, but also a platform of reflexion and intervention upon the city, a design studio, several books, dozens of exhibitions, hundreds of conferences and events.



Our teammates Dana and Ionut have been invited by Igloo media to contribute to an yearly review of parametric design with links to Romania. The interview, conducted gracefully by the editor in chief, Francoise Pamfil, has led them to deliver their architecture office’s story and how they came to teach parametric design to students and young architects. They also disccused their work and how to embed computational tools into an architectural practice.

CLOT Magazine


Our teammate Lidia is also a member of DesignMorphine, and her latest workshop, Arte Robotica, blending robotics and art, was conducted this October in Paris, alongisde Kunal Chadha and Amaury Thomas. Media partner of the workshop, Clot Magazine, has published the piece and the founders of the publication, Nuria Criado and Meritxell Rosell have been jurrors of the work resulting from Arte Robotica.

The Institute


Our team has a lengthy experience in using computational tools within the architecture and product design premises. Ionut and Dana’s Quad light, alongside other of their designs , have been exhibited within the Romanian Design Week, organized by The Institute. The Institute is an ecosystem for creative industries in Romania. It creates and organises events and brings together designers, entrepreneurs and the audience of creative industries.



Computational design tools have bridged a gap between established parametric building modeling and analysis/simulation software such as EnergyPlus, Radiance, Daysim or OpenStudio, enabling modeling and simulating real environmental behavior of the architectural artefact. Ionut and Dana have written “Informed Geometries. Parametric Modeling and Energy Analysis”, a paper which discusses the implications of parametric modeling and energy analysis in architectural design.

Rhino 3D


Rhino 3D is one of the partners of the Rhino Modelling course, tutored by our teammates Dana and Ionut Anton, who are authorized Rhino tutors. The workshop will go from 2D elements to 3D objects, going through all Rhino essentials, such as curve editing, Boolean operations, the Nurbs concept and many other tricks.



Our teammate Lidia has been part of the Open Thesis Fabrication within the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), her team’s project, TerraPerforma, focusing on means of blending robotic fabrication with traditional techniques, using unfired clay as a construction material, and creating an edifice with optimized climatic behavior, using computational tools in order to simulate and augment natural factors.